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Residential Insurance Products

 Home Insurance    - Naples, Ft Myers, All of Florida

 - Naples Home Insurance requires different consideration than any other part of the country. Here at OFI Insurance we strive to bring you quality home insurance that gives you all the options that you need. We make sure that we use companies that will not disappear after a hurricane strikes. We offer options for custom homes, high end clients, higher liability needs, pet coverage, valuables like furs, paintings, collectibles and more. We offer home insurance through companies like United, Universal, Federated, Citizens, Modern, Lloyds, and many others.

Auto Insurance     - Naples, Ft Myers, All of Florida

 - Auto insurance in Naples and Ft Myers is a competetive market. We strive to bring you excellent customer service and give you the benefit of having an agent. Many auto companies are trying to eliminate the agent, but what happens if you have a dispute with the company. There's no agent to intervene and your stuck. Thousands of people are seeing how the deck is stacked against them and have begun to look for an agent again. We offer auto insurance coverage through companies like Progressive, Traverlers, Safeco, and many others.

Umbrella Insurance

 - You have worked hard to acquire your assets and your average home insurance policy and auto insurance policy may not have enough liability insurance coverage to protect you in the case of a liability lawsuit. With umbrella insurance you can bump your coverage up to 1 million in liabilty insurance or all the way up to 5 million in liability insurance. Combine your progressive auto policy with one of their Umbrella policy and save a bundle.

Boat Insurance

 - In many cases your boat may be your baby, so make sure it's covered with the proper boat insurance. What happens if you wreck your boat, are you covered? What happens if someone sues you for causing an accident on the water, are you covered? We offer affordable options for comprehensive boat insurance.

Commercial Insurance Products

General Liability

 - Protecting your business and personal assets is more imptant than you think. In this day and age, people are looking for an opportunity to steal your hard earned assets by faking accidents. Lawyers are just waiting for someone to call them and in a split second you can find yourself in court for nothing that you've done at all. Having the proper liablity insurance makes sure you have someone to fight these fraudulent cases for you. In the case someone does get legitimately hurt from your business, then the payments not coming out of your pocket. Make sure you have a good agent that gets you properly covered.

Commercial Property

  - Though you may think it will never happen to me, it might. Make sure you are protected for fire, lightenening, theft, vandelism, hurricane or other major disaster. Your apartment complex, commercial complex, or commercial building could be gone in minutes if disaster strikes. Will you be able to rebuild? Ask one of our commercial insurance specialists to review your policy.

Workers Comp

 - We will help you consider your options, whether you should be exempt, purchase workers comp insurance, or consider going with a payroll service.

Commercial Auto

 - Will your residential policy really cover you while doing business operations? Maybe not. You may need to consider a commercial insurance policy. Some companies may not do business with you unless you have a million dollar commercial policy. Or you may need to cover the cargo you are hauling. We can take care of all of it, no matter what type of business you have: Contractor, Crane, Lift Bucket, Short or Long haul cargo anywhere in the US or beyond.

Business Income / Rental Income

 - What happens if your building burns down and you can't do business? You are losing money every day, week, and sometime months before your building is rebuilt. Business Income Insurance gives you Cash to re-open in a temporary location.

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